Investment Strategy

WorldOver Equity Ltd is a global equity, long bias investment company that leans towards investments in faster growing economies, and in companies with a discernible competitive/strategic advantage and strong management.

Cornerstones of our investment approach are fundamental company and sector analysis with risk management strategies to limit capital loss. We have no regional, country, sectoral or currency bias.

Achieve attractive risk-adjusted superior returns through investment in medium to long term equity ideas in accordance with WorldOver’s macroeconomic assessment.

Apply fundamental financial analysis to all potential investments.

View valuation derived from fundamental financial analysis in conjunction with perceived risks, to provide a balanced assessment of risk-adjusted returns.

Look beyond the immediate investment time frame of the market and to invest in those countries/sectors/companies where extended periods of high growth are projected but where the market has priced in a more rapid period of growth fade.

Consistent search for investment opportunities providing provide low cost gearing to feasible economic outcomes.

Risk management to reduce equity market and/or particular industry risk from the investment decision, augment returns and improve portfolio efficiency.

Provide the best possible opportunity to achieve consistently attractive, long term equity returns, through investments explored on a global basis without geographic, industry or currency bias.