Team Overview

The team’s equity experience is wide. It covers: Portfolio Management, Proprietary Trading, Research, Risk, Hedging, Derivatives, Sales and Recruitment.

The highly successful careers of the two principals have encompassed extensive experience spanning 20 countries and 5 continents.

David Sheridan

David Sheridan is a Founder and Managing Partner of WorldOver Capital and is directly responsible for company analysis and advising on the portfolio construction.

Prior to founding WorldOver Capital in August 2007, Mr Sheridan worked in the finance industry for almost 30 years and held senior management, research and sales positions in the UK, Europe and Australia.

David was also a top rated country and sector analyst in 7 categories: Mining, Gold, Commodities, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa and Russia.

David managed equity portfolios at both Deutche Bank and HSBC. Prior to setting up WorldOver Capital in 2007, David’s personal equity portfolio achieved fully audited returns of 18%p.a. in $US over 15 years.

Positions Held By David Sheridan

Richard Verin

Richard Verin is a Founder and Managing Partner of WorldOver Capital and directly responsible for risk management and hedging strategies.

Richard has over 30 years of experience in equity and derivative trading in the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and Japan.

Positions Held By Richard Verin

Positions held include:

James Capel/HSBC in London (1979-1987, 1991-Oct 2002) and Sydney (1987-1991)
Top rated country & sector analyst in 7 categories, including mining, gold, commodities & Australia
Main Board director of HSBC Australia (1987-1991)
CEO James Capel Australia (1987-1991)
Head of Institutional Sales Rivkin James Capel, Sydney 1987
Head of Mining Department (1984-1987)
Head of Australian Department (1980-1987)
#1 Research Rated Australia, Mining, Gold (1982-1987)
Top 3 Rated Switzerland, Russia, South Africa, Commodities
Deputy Head Pan European Research and member Pan European Equity Executive Management team (1996-1997)
Head of Eastern European Research (1997-1999)
Deputy Head of European Research (1999-2001)
Joint Head of European Research (2001-2002)
Head of European Stock Selection Committee (1996-97, 99-02)
Deutsche Bank, London (Oct 2002 – Mar 2007)
Head of European Equity Focus team (2002-2005)
Chairman of European Stock Selection Committee (2002-2005)
Member of European Proprietary Trading team (2005-2007)

Positions held include:

Founding Member, European Options Exchange, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1978-1981)
Scrimgeour, Kemp-Gee & Co.:
Head of Derivative Sales, London(1981-1984)
Member, Clearing Committee, London Stock Exchange (1981-1988)
James Capel:
Head of Equity Derivatives Sales and Trading, UK/Europe, London (1984-1988)
Head of Equity Derivatives Sales and Trading, James Capel Australia, Sydney (1988-1991)
Head of Equity Derivative Trading, James Capel Japan (1991-1994)
Credit Suisse First Boston:
Senior Equity Proprietary Trader, Tokyo/Sydney (1994-1996)
Head of Equity Trading Asia ex-Japan, Hong Kong (1996-1999)
Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette:
Head of Equity and Equity Derivative Trading, Hong Kong (1999-2000)
Credit Suisse First Boston, Tokyo (2000-2005):
Head of Equity Derivative and Convertible Unit
Head of Equity Trading
Head of Equity Product Division
Board Director of CMG CH China Fund, a publicly listed Australian closed-end fund

Positions held include:

Smith New Court London (1987-1994)
European Market Maker, (1997-1994)
Bear Stearns, Hong Kong (1994-1996)
Asia proprietary trader (1994-1996)
Peregrine Securities Hong Kong (1996-1997)
Senior Asian proprietary trader (1996-1997)
DLJ/CSFB Hong Kong (1998-2003)
Senior Asian proprietary trader, (1998-2003)